Monday, September 3, 2007


Had a great game of Modern SPEARHEAD this afternoon. I was a Russian Tank Regiment commander with reinforcements of an additional BMP armed MRB and the Independent Tank Battalion (ITB). We attacked (well, attempted to attack) a well placed French battle-group of one armor battalion and one mech battalion. The French units were reinforced with an engineer company and a divisional ATGM company. The French tanks were LeClerc's, APC's were AMX-10P. The Russian tanks were T-80U's with the MRB's equipped with BMP-2's. The ITB was equipped with T-72'sBM's. We were pulling out the rules after several months since we last played so we did not use many of the advanced rules and we did not include any aircraft in the game. The bottom line is my good friend Andrew playing the French rolled lights out and had a great battle plan. He halted my entire attack within four turns destroying an entire MRB and tanks equal to at least half of a Tank Battalion. My attack plan stunk and his defense plan couldn't have worked better. I learned that one must play the game just like the Russians planned to attack. Lots and Lots of artillery, close air support, move quickly and get in close before NATO takes out too much stuff. The rules came back to us very quickly and we are going to add some of the advanced rules and aircraft with the next game. We were doing this game to make sure we are ready to start our campaign. I hope we will have the campaign started within the next couple or three weeks.

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