Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Naval Gaming on the Cruel Seas

Here are some pics of forces I am painting up for the new Game - Cruel Seas.  It is a 1/300 scale naval game that I recently started playing.  I am painting up two forces right now - a German Kriegsmarine Force and a British (Free French) Flotilla Force.  I have continued my Free French WWII theme into this game system as I can be the add on to the many different British forces that people are painting up.

Enjoy these pics while I finish painting the larger boats and get some action photos of a game soon.

The Vosper MkII's in foreground, MkI's in the background.

Decals from MiscMini 1/300 range and Flames of War 15mm French Armor sets will help with identifying boats during a game. 

Close up of a Vosper MkII.

British Dog Boats to give my force some punch!  I have some other really cool models on the painting table that will add an even heavier punch!  I will have photos soon!

The Fleet Air Arm is also well represented in my force.  Decals also from the excellent MiscMini 1/300 MTB decal sheet! I think this is one of my favorite paint jobs of the year so far.

I have made a pretty good dent in the 'too paint pile' for Cruel Seas.  I am currently working on larger ships like the Armed Trawlers and Minesweepers.  I will get pics up as soon as I can.

Warlord of a New Game System

Recently I started playing a new Game System - Warlords of Erehwon - by Warlord Games.  It is really the first Magic, Fantasy type wargame that I have played.  I purchased the rule book on a whim when I realized that I might be able to outfit an army without any real painting and for well under $100!  As far as wargames these days, it was almost too good to be true!

Although I am short and hobbit-like portly, I chose the very tall and elegant Elven force for my base army.  The special rules for the Elves have a distinct French flavor.  Haughty Disdain, Longbows, Spangly Armor and did I mention Haughty Disdain?  The base force also includes a Giant Eagle which can be very helpful.  I really like the way the army plays on the table.  Sort of like the German SS in a WWII rules set - small units of very good troops with a lot of firepower!  Playing against Gordon's Orcs/Goblins/whatever is like trying to stop the Russian Horde on the Eastern Front!  It is quite a bit of fun.

I haven't taken many photos of the army yet.  And I don't have any of it in action, but here are a couple of photos of my heavy units - my Dragon riding hero and the Allied Griffon.  The Griffon has been involved in a couple of games and has done pretty well.  The Dragon hero has been too expensive to field in a game to date because our points list has been limited.  Looking forward to getting that rectified soon!

The Elven Hero mounted on a dragon.  The dragon is a nod to my sons, Marc Paul and Andrew as it is a figure they used to play with as kids.  A bit of nostalgia that makes me smile!

Another view.  The title of the hero is "No, No, No!" with a hearty figure wave!

The two units mounted on their flying bases.  Rare earth magnets are so cool!

This Elven force now has an enemy to fight as I have organized an Undead Army out yet more ready-painted figures in Gordon's toy bin!  I love these painted figures because you only have to do ~10 figures and you are ready to play a game!  Looking forward to the first clash between these armies.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Hobby Activities

Here is the final list from 2018 for my hobby activities:

Figures Painted
Figures - 153
Vehicles/Guns -11/4
Other Game Pieces - 2

Figures -12
Vehicles/Guns - 2

Games Played
Bolt Action - 9
Napoleon's Rules of War - 1
Iron Cross - 2
Chosen Men - 
Fireball Forward! - 1
Redcoats and Blue Jackets - 1
Brother Against Brother - 2
Blood Red Skies - 3
Cruel Seas - 1

28mm Figures Rebased - 145
20mm Vehicles Rebased - 1
Not a bad year.  I participated in a total of 20 games.  Would have liked to done a few more, but life has a way of making other plans!  Painting production has been pretty thin this year. I have a ton of stuff on the table and hopefully I can be more disciplined to complete the MANY projects that I have partially done.

Not too many gaming related goals for the coming year.  I want to clean up all of the old figures and concentrate on the figure scales and periods that I have been doing the most of over the past couple of years.  Mainly that will be mostly 28mm WWII Land, 20mm Modern Land and 28mm Napoleonics.  I am also excited to see how the 1/300th WWII Naval (Cruel Seas) gaming goes as well as 1/200th WWII Aerial (Blood Red Skies).  Terrain stuff is pretty well set and I think I will only have to work on a few remaining pieces to have pretty complete tables.

Going to make a big push to complete several of the forces that I already have in the never-ending queue.  Really want to get them done so I can concentrate on gaming.  I know we all have that same goal every year but I really want to get started on that for myself during 2019.  We shall see what life brings around this year!

I wish all gamers the best in the coming year!  May the dice always roll in your favor!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Bolt Action Campaign Started!

Last week I had a chance to play in the first round of the Adler Hobby WWII Campaign.  This campaign is being played with forces from the new Western Desert campaign book.  We are using the Road to Victory campaign system with variable units.  You can find a copy of the system book here.

In this campaign I am using my French forces (Foreign Legion, Senegalese, and vehicles) as the new Western Desert campaign book has formalized these forces.  I have also started painting figures from the new British 8th Army box.  These will be troops from the North African Infantry units in the 1st Free French Brigade.  I am using these figures with British helmets, French Adrian helmets and wool comforter caps for headgear in this unit.  I only took a couple of photos during the game, but here they are:

The Foreign Legion squad seizes a building!  They were taxied into combat aboard the Laffly truck in the photo.

A Senegalese squad also seizes a building.  Just so happens to be the same building complex the DAK commander was occupying.  It ended up being a very bad day for the DAK commander!

The Senegalese squad and a North African squad push the attack around the building complex that made up a major part of the terrain on our board.

In this system you build two squads of regular infantry of no more than 110 points each.  These are commanded by a regular 2LT with two soldiers.  The French also get a light howitzer as their national based unit.  This is your base force for the campaign.  In addition to the base force, you roll on tables to determine two additional units to add to your force.

For this round I had the two squads of infantry; the command element; a 75mm gun and spotter; an inexperienced infantry squad of Senegalese Tirallieurs; and a veteran infantry squad of Foreign Legionnaires.  I also rolled for two transports/tows which I used to carry the FFL and to tow the howitzer.

The first game went pretty well for my troops.  I ended up with a close victory against a well commanded DAK army run by my friend Patrick.  After the game we rolled to determine the results of the units damaged or destroyed during the game and to find out what two new units would be added to our force.  I ended up permanently losing one of my transports.  I also improved the morale of my officer to Veteran and one of my regular base infantry squads to Veteran.  Then I added a second Veteran infantry squad.  The best roll, however, was when I added an SPAA vehicle to my force!  I will now have a quad HMG on a truck added to the army!  Should be interesting to see how effective this unit is against infantry.

I am going to use the Rubicon Russian Quad HMG on a truck mount.  I know they are Maxim HMG's on the Rubicon model and the French used the naval mount from their ships on trucks in the desert, but I am going to bend history a little bit.  I will provide photos as soon as the models are built and painted.

I will provide another game report as soon as I can get back to the campaign.  Vive la France!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Link to a Recent Game Battle Report

As I told you in my previous post, I had a great time gaming with Ed M. using his excellent Not Brother Against Brother Napoleonic rule set. Here is a report from his perspective. Ed tells the story much better than I ever could!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Game or Two of ‘Not Brother Against Brother’

This weekend I played two games of ‘Not Brother Against Brother’ with my friend, Ed M.  The first game was a practice affair with Ed's excellent Prussian and French figures.  The second game we used my British, French and new Spanish Guerrilla figures.  I have not completed basing of the French Foot Dragoons or the Spanish, but we used them anyways because we wanted to try out some new troop qualification stats in the game.

We used Ed's Napoleonic adaptation of the very fun Brother Against Brother rules system.  He has really tweaked the base rules to give it more of a period feel and to also clean up what we find to be some inconsistencies within the rules themselves.  These two games gave us reasonable results with no game situations running outside of what could be 'expected'.

The results of the games were both a draw, but we were playing more to test new rules than to really try and gain a clear cut 'victory'.

Here are some photos of the first game:

And some pics of the second game featuring the new troops:

All in all it was a great couple of games.  I am looking forward to playing some additional games with my Napoleonic troops in the near future.  I also am looking forward to maybe tweaking the rules for my War of 1812 collection.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Home at Last!

The trek to and from HISTORICON has ended and we must return to the real world!  We had a very good visit to the Gettysburg Battlefield on Sunday.  We did three presentations - I did Buford's fight on the 1st Day; Ralph G. lead a discussion of Sickles' decision making process in occupying the Peach Orchard and Wheat field position; and Byron C. provided insights into the Confederate/Union artillery fight before and during Picketts' Charge on July 3rd.

All in all the trip was excellent and I am looking forward to doing it again in the future!

Here is a photo of the five guys who were my partners in crime (ok, no crime - just fun!) during the trip.  We made the obligatory stop on Little Round Top and visited the 20th Maine monument as I do every time I go to Gettysburg.