Sunday, December 30, 2012

Men Against Fire Game

I got to play in a great WWII Skirmish Game Friday night. It was hosted by my friend Ralph at our club monthly game night using the Men Against Fire rules set by Frank Chadwick. Here are some photos of the game.

This is the armor and some of the infantry of the command I had in the game.

This is the town that was the objective of our attack.

The Germans' defense included a train which they could move if they were so inclined. It ended up to not play as significant a factor in our game because the American flank attack negated it to some extent. Here is a picture of the train.

Overall the terrain in this game is just outstanding, as are all of the games that Ralph hosts. Here are some other photos of the terrain before we set up the game.

This was a very fun game. We are still learning the rules, but they seem to have some real potential as the club staple for WWII skirmish. Thanks to Ralph for hosting a great game!