Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bolt Action Moderns

I had an opportunity to host a game of Modern Bolt Action last night at our Gaming Club.

The scenario was set 'somewhere in the former Yugoslavia' in 1999.  Bosnian Serbs have started to move towards a key road intersection in order to secure transportation networks and supply areas. French, Canadian and Belgian troops are moving to block the Serb attacks.

The game went very well and came down to the last order dice before we could declare the winner. The NATO troops ended up winning by securing the crossroads (2 VP's) and one of the supply areas (1VP). The Serbs meanwhile secured the two other supply areas (1 VP each). The Serbs lost six of 15 units and NATO lost five of 15 units.  A pretty balanced game overall.  I hope everyone had a good time playing.

Here are a couple of photos from the game:

NATO forces enter from the left with the Serbs fighting their way in from the right.  The 2VP crossroads is at the center of the photo surrounded by the four houses.

The front M113 from the NATO force conducts a textbook Sagger Drill by turning into the launch and suppressing/killing the Sagger team.  I really enjoy it when a set of rules actually works with real tactics!

Mayhem at the Crossroads!  The FFL loses a gun jeep on the left while the AMX-10RC destroys the Serbs BRDM-2 on the right.  The Serbs never got the attack going after losing a series of close combats in the trees on the left.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Hobby Year Recap

Happy New Year!  Overall 2015 was an OK year on the wargames front.  Here are the numbers:

Figures painted - 175
Vehicles painted - 14
Figures rebased - 347
Games played - 7

The figures painted included many new 20mm Moderns for my African campaign and I want to get some of those games during this year. I also completed a French 1940's WW II army for Bolt Action.

Obviously I was also busy rebasing with the majority of that number being a superior collection of Napoleonics for my Volley & Bayonet gaming from my friend Ed. This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me in the hobby arena and I am forever in his debt. Unfortunately life and work intervened right after he gave me the figures and I never got to have him over for a game. That is high on the priority list for my hobby time in 2016.

I also had a difficult time getting any gaming time in as you can see by the miserably small number of games that I managed to play in during the year.  I have gaming at Adler's Hobby Shop also high on the gaming "to do" in the coming year.

Hope everyone had a marvelous holiday season!  I look forward to watching all the great gaming blogs out there and posting a record of my adventures here. May the dice fall your way all year!