Saturday, December 28, 2013

Game Room Pictures

Here are some photos of my new game room with a battlefield set up for Modern NW Africa.  I hope to host a game soon so I can have some pics of actual wargaming in this space!  The table is 8' x 4'.  The painting area and space to store all of my "junk" (the wife terminology) is simply incredible!  I am so fortunate to have all of this dedicated room.  I really feel blessed.

PanzerBlitz WWII Game

My friend Kevin hosted a unique (I thought) WWII game at the NC December Game Night.  It was an early war French vs. German scenario and used the PanzerBlitz boardgame rules adapted for miniatures.  All of the participants seemed to enjoy themselves.  Here are a few pictures of the game before it started and in action.

Overall this was a visually impressive game, and the rules seemed to really work for the period.  I hope he hosts the game again as I look forward to an opportunity to play in a game.  Great job, Kevin!

December Game Night

Had a great time at Northern Conspiracy Game Night yesterday.  I played in a late Medieval game hosted by John.  It was Knights Templar vs. Knights Hospitallers using a home grown set of rules by AJ.  It was a great game - beautifully set up and a boatload of very nicely painted 28mm figures.  Here are a few pics of the game.

The game was a pretty close affair, but the last two turns saw our cavalry break through and give us a marginal victory.  All in all a very fun night with great friends to end the year.  Thanks guys!