Monday, July 13, 2015

BIG ADDITION to the Napoleonics Collection

Because of the incredible generosity of my friend and club mate Ed M., my 28mm Napoleonic collection has grown by leaps and bounds recently!  Ed gave me over 190 French and Polish infantry, 20 Cavalry and six guns with 12 Gunners.  He also gave me 10 French and Polish Commanders.  Now I have the opponents for my Peninsula Campaign British troops!  I can't wait to get them on the table for the first time.

As the photos below show, these are not dregs of his collection by any measure.  These are all nicely painted figures.  I do have a couple of conversions to do and a couple of standards to add to the units, but that is a matter of one weekend and they will be ready to go!

You can see that I have already gotten the majority of them on stands and ready for flocking.  Only a couple of battalions (five) more to base up and they will be ready to add to the force.  I even have some figures that will be Young/Middle Guard battalions.

Here are some initial photos:

The Commanders First.

The new division commander and his aide.

One of the brigade commanders.

Here are the infantry.

All of the new battalions.  In front (l to r) two 2-battalion ligne regiments, one 3-battalion ligne regiment and one 1-battalion legere regiment.  In the second line are two 2-battalion Polish line regiments.  I haven't numbered any of the units yet.
Two battalion ligne regiment.
Close-up of the Eagle of one of the ligne regiments.
Three battalion ligne regiment.  Still need to add the Eagle to the command stand.
One of the Polish Line regiments of two battalions.  Note the Sapper in the left hand command stand.
And the artillery.

The two batteries of Foot Artillery.
The Horse Artillery battery being directed by the cavalry brigade commander.
I think I will wait before posting pics of the cavalry until I get them touched up.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this great gift from Ed!  He will not be paying for lunch anytime soon when I am around!