Sunday, April 21, 2013

Falklands Game Work

Today I was able to finish painting 6 more figures for my Falklands Game.  The figures are for the SAS platoon in my game.  The figures include a heavy machine gun to give the Brits some badly needed fire support.  I have the last eight figures of the platoon primed so I can start painting them this week.  I also flocked all figures and wounded markers, two bunkers, and the six figures I finished painting.  At the same time I flocked the 28mm Westphalian Battalion that I have had off to the side of the table for the past several months.  I got the first coat of paint on the hills that I am going to use for the game to end up the day. 

All in all a really good day of production at the table!  The Falklands game is coming along really well right now.  I have all of the infantry painted that I really need.  If I can get one more squad of SAS painted, that will be great but I don't know if I will be using them for the game night scenario.

The hills look very good and I think they will add quite a bit to the game set up.  I am working on the "broken ground" terrain pieces next.  I am using a new floral material from my local Michael's craft store.  That will only leave me with the indirect fire/smoke markers left to make and the game will be ready.  Once everything is ready I will take and post pictures.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Game Night Swashbuckler Game!

On Friday night I played in a Swashbuckler game hosted by my friend Ralph.  It is a great game based on the 1980's Yaquinto Board game by the same name.  Players plot their moves in six separate steps each turn.  It is really interesting to plot out your move and then watch yourself slash away at air as your opponent does something totally unexpected!  Actions in addition to swordplay (parry lunge, running lunge, etc.) include interesting things such as throwing chairs and mugs, jumping on tables, even swinging from the chandelier!  Really an enjoyable way to to spend an evening with friends.  Here are some photos of the game.

The guys who played included Gordon, Eric, Mike, AJ, Paul, Bob and Charlie.  Here are the guys around the table.

Have to hand it to Charlie.  Only one swordplay move during all three rounds we played and he ended up winning the entire game!!

Thanks Ralph.  It was a great time.