Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Game Activities for 2012 and 2013 Hobby Goals

Figures Painted
25-28mm - 40; 1 Pirate Ship; 1 Ship's Boat
20mm - 3
15mm -
6mm -

Games Played
Volley & Bayonet - 4+
Crossfire - 1
Other Rules - Brother Against Brother (3); Smalle Wars (1); Axis & Allies War at Sea (3); Men Under Fire (2); Russian Civil War (1)

Terrain Pieces Completed - Hill for VnB Wing Scale 1812 Game (Thanks Gordon!)

Overall it was a very good year in the hobby arena!  I am happy that I got to game at least once a month on average.  Working on the Volley & Bayonet Wing Scale Rules set was really a good way to get through a difficult year.

I have some goals for the coming year.  First, I would like to put on a kick-butt Game Day in October for all of my friends at the gaming club.  Second, I would like to work on my 20mm Modern figures more and get them constructed/painted and organized.  Third, I would like to play in and/or host at least twenty games this year.

The Game Day is going to be a Volley & Bayonet Wing Scale BIG game.  I have just a few figures to add to the collection and the armies will be ready.  I will need some help with the terrain for the gaming tables - but the guys in the club have some great terrain so that is not a problem.  Now to work out the scenario and victory conditions.  We will see what happens!  Happy New Year!

Last Game of 2012

The last wargame of 2012 was a War at Sea game with my son Andrew.  I am trying out a scenario that I will be running at our club game night in a couple of weeks.  I learned a lot by playing the game - like the power of aircraft in the game (again).  I made a couple of modifications to the scenario and it should be good to go for the club.  Thanks to Andrew for kicking my butt and showing me all of the things that needed to be changed to improve the game!