Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Header Picture

I really like the new picture that I have added to the header of this blog.  I also use it as my desktop background. 

My friend Andrew sent it to me.  I just think it is one of the most incredible paintings of the War of 1812 that I have ever seen.  I think it is supposed to be a representation of the Battle of Crysler's Farm but I am not sure.  No matter, it is a very nice painting, no matter what it is supposed to be!

Modern "Russian" Armed Rebels

Here are some pics of figures that I painted several years ago and have used for the Modern Crossfire rules set.  They are really the old Combat Miniatures "Operation Panshir" Afghans with some "Operation Urgent Fury" Cubans mixed in, but they do very well for Bosnian Serbs or other "Russian" armed rebel forces.  I am going to change their basing and combine them with Liberation Miniatures Multipurpose Figures Range to be my European "Bad Guys".

 This commander stand is one of my favorite painting efforts

 I also really like the RPG gunner.  The assistant gunner in this photo is armed with an old PPSh 41 SMG.

 These guys are armed with the SKS Assault Rifle and an AK-47.

The Cubans are painted in a different uniform scheme based on a Hungarian pattern.

Modern Skirmish Games - "Bad Guys"

Here are some photos of my "Bad Guy" troops that I will be using in my modern skirmish games to fight the British, French and other European forces that I have.  Guess "Bad Guys" is a relative term determined by your point of view!

These are from the older "Heroes" range.  This set of figures were great in that the same figures and weapons came with different head options.  The figures are currently mounted for Modern Crossfire but I will be changing them to individual figure bases for my Special Forces modern skirmish rules.

Modern Police SWAT Team

Here are some photos of a Modern Police SWAT team that I painted back in the 1990's for use against my generic "terrorists."  Back then, that term had very different meanings.

But these guys are capable of taking on any form of Bad Guys that come along.  These guys have worked with my British SAS Urban Assault Team.  For some reason I don't have any photos of the SAS troopers - they are camera shy!  I will try to get a shot of them up on the blog at some point.

Besides, if they are not successful in the firefight - they will look really good!

Falklands 1982 Photos

Here are some photos of my British forces for the Falklands 1982.  The first set of two pics are of the armor support.  There is a Scimitar and a Scorpion,  The tank commanders are from Liberation Miniatures.

The next set of pics are of the RM Mountain & Arctic Warfare Cadre.  These figures were painted many years ago.  I don't know if you can see it clearly, but I think the DPM camo is some of the best I have ever painted.

Finally, I recently added some SAS figures from Liberation Miniatures.  This is one of the teams that I have painted.

I now have three teams of SAS troopers painted up for my homegrown Modern Skirmish rules.
The rules, like most skirmish sets have a figure ration of one-to-one.  They are based on a set of rules that I downloaded free from the internet - Special Forces.  I have heavily modified the rules, but the basics are still the same.  We are having fun with the rules so far.  I will post some photos of my Argentinian forces later.