Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Big Addition to the German Bolt Action Army

My friend AJ told me about some auctions on eBay for 1/50 scale vehicles from Corgi for my Bolt Action army.  I ordered a couple of vehicles as the prices were just great.  The first one arrived in the mail today.  It is even better than I had hoped.  The 1/50 scale is really great with 28mm figures.

The model itself is good.  This is a Sdkfz 7 artillery tractor with a Quad 20mm gun. It is a die cast model with working tracks and front wheels while the gun rotates completely and elevates and depresses.  Details are nice with a good paint job.

Here are some photos of the models with some of my Germans for size comparison.

The gun, vehicle and some of my figures for comparison.

From another angle.

The paint job is adequate for the wargame table.  The truck is very large.  In the German Army book for Bolt Action  this vehicle can carry up to 12 men.  It can also tow everything up to an 88mm Heavy AT gun.

This view shows the gun at max elevation.

Another advantage is that the vehicle can be an SP gun, albeit in a pretty weakly armored  vehicle.
I think this vehicle is perfect for my Hermann Goering army. I have a couple of more models on the way.  Can't wait to show you all pics of them, because they are going to go with the army just as well!  Where have these been all this time!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

German Bolt Action Army - First Units Finished (Almost)

Well, it has taken quite awhile, but I have finally finished the first units of my German Bolt Action/Iron Cross army!  Here are a few pictures.

One of the Iron Cross infantry squads with a Panzerfaust in the foreground. 

The Panzerschreck Team

2nd Iron Cross squad including an LMG team.

A squad leader in tropical uniform.

Medium Machine Gun team.  I still have some work to do on this one including getting a small magnet for the loader.

Herr Hauptmann!  A company command team including the Captain, an aide reading a map and a radio operator for calling in the Armor reserves!

A platoon command stand including a Lieutenant and two runners.
Obviously I still have to flock bases and one final coat of flat sealer.  This is a good start for the army.  Now I have to get another BA squad (two squads for Iron Cross) and some vehicles/guns done and I will be ready for a game.  Probably not for the upcoming Italian Campaign, but by the middle of the year they will be ready!  Hope you like them.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

German Bolt Action Army WIP - Part 3

Well,  we have had house guests for the past two weeks and it is a particularly busy time at work so there is not much to report on the painting front.  Here are a couple of pics of work on my Germans for Bolt Action.

I know if doesn't look like there is much change, but I have been able to get all of the uniforms blocked in.  After I took these photos, I got the weapons complete, canteens base coated and the start of the camp patterns on selected figures.  I am doing my own interpretation of "Pea Dot Camo" in beige, dark brown and dark green.  I will take some photos when I have them completed.  Weather is not looking very good for this evening, so I should be able to get some painting done!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Adler Hobby Gaming Cafe - New Location

Went to Manchester this afternoon and visited the new location of Adler Hobby.  It was great to see all of the work that Gordon has done at the new store!  He has all the inventory out and the game tables set up.  As always, I can find something that my armies, "need" and that was true again today.  Here I am at checkout - the FIRST OFFICIAL CUSTOMER AT THE NEW LOCATION!

Yes, that is a Flak-38 which will be added to my Hermann Goering German army for Bolt Action and for Iron Cross!

Great job Gordon getting the new digs set up!  Can't wait to get these Germans painted and bring them in for a game or two.