Friday, October 28, 2011

Work on the Brits Continues

Good Day! I am really working hard on my British force for our Wing Scale Campaign. I am going to finish the two Brunswick Oels Sharpshooters and all of the British stands are ready to be flocked. I also did some reorganization of my artillery and realized that I have figures and guns on hand for two stands of horse artillery! This will give me 4 foot field guns, 1 foot howitzer, 1 horse rocket, and 2 horse light/field guns. A great support group for my infantry. I also got 4 Light Dragoons in Tarleton helmets together so I have a couple of squadrons of cavalry all painted and ready to go. Overall a pretty good time for the day!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Painting Table Active Again!

Today I got back into figure painting as part of my recovery "therapy". I am working on my British Army for Volley & Bayonet Wing Scale games that we are working on in our club. I finished a unit commander for the British 1st Foot Regiment and started painting a couple of Brunswick Oels Jager figures for Brigade supports. Good to be painting again!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wargame Happenings Today

Today I received notice that my 1812 skirmish figures are painted and on their way back to me. I have over 120 28mm figures on their way, which is going to mean I will have the ability to put on some nice sized games. The figures include some US and British Regulars as well as lights and rifles for both sides. I also have some "specials" such as Royal Marines and West Indies Regiment to add some variety. I am really looking forward to getting the figures back and will get photos on the blog as soon as they arrive.

I also placed my order for the ships and planes that I have been waiting for from the new War at Sea set, Surface Action. I ordered several units including the Shore Battery, Strasbourg (French Battleship), Eagle (British Carrier), Andria Doria (Italian Battleship), Hawkins (British Cruiser), LST (Allied Landing Ships), Fw-190 (German Fighter), and Vosper MTB (British Torpedo Boat). There were some other smaller units that I will detail later. This should give me a very good mix of combat units that I need to complete both the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean scenarios that I want to do.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Continue to Wargame?

I am sure that given my last post many would ask why I would ever continue to have Wargaming as my hobby. Well, first of all it was something that Marc Paul and I enjoyed doing together. We traveled to HISTORICON together when he was younger and we had a great time manning the German defenses on Sword Beach and turning back the invading British forces with some absolute lights out die rolling by Marc! It was great fun and we did it together as father and son.

When Marc came home in December of 2009 before his deployment to Afghanistan we played my 15mm Volley & Bayonet game - Quatre Bras. Marc did an outstanding job attacking as the French player and I barely escaped with a victory for the Allies. We enjoyed drinking Cokes, eating chips and rolling dice just the two of us. It was our special time together and I will always cherish that evening.

Wargaming does not represent the blood and gore and loss of war. It is a study of history and in a way a celebration of those who have answered the call of their country throughout the ages. As a person who has experienced the loss of war in a very personal way, I am not glorifying war itself, but I want to honor the soldier who has done his duty for his country and learn more about how military things have happened throughout history.

So, there you have it. The reasons I still wargame are to remember my relationship with my son and to honor all who have gone before us in duty to their country and to learn about history. Agree or not, those are my reasons.

I am back!

I am back here on my blog. The last posts I made were in January, 2010. On January 29, 2010 we lost our son, Marc Paul, during his deployment to Afghanistan. Marc was killed along with a US Special Forces Captain who commanded the unit Marc was attached to. Marc was a great person and an outstanding soldier. Our family has been devastated by Marc's death, but we know that God has a plan for everything that happens.
Hundreds came to his funeral service at Plymouth Regional High School. During that service all of those people the message of Christian Salvation, some perhaps for the first time. If even one person made a decision to follow Christ because of that service, we will rejoice with Marc Paul when we all meet together in Heaven someday.
Through this tough time we have also seen the love of our family, friends and community manifested in so many ways. Donations were made in Marc's honor to benefit his HS Lacrosse Program. So much was donated that a new set of bleachers at the Soccer/Lacrosse Field were built along with a coaches filming booth. Also, we have been able to donate to other local charities. The Town of WV and the Waterville Valley Foundation made donations and purchased the very first flag pole for the WV Elementary School which was dedicated to Marc Paul. It is really something to see that flag flying so proudly over our community everyday, knowing that our son has joined the long list of those in a United States uniform who have given their lives to defend that flag and our nation.