Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Falklands Game at Game Night

   At the last NC Game Night I put on my Falklands Scenario.  This was the third time I have hosted this game in the past month.  By far this was the best game with the most playability and the closest outcome.  The modifications we made to the rules really are working making the game much more competitive and more enjoyable to play.

   The spotting changes with the addition of the automatic spotting for units that stay in place and fire more than twice force players to make choices between maneuver and massing fire.  I think this really helped limit the power of the British Light Tanks and gave the Argentinians much more of a chance.  I think the British were also a bit intimidated by the addition of a 105mm Recoiless Rifle team to the Argie Order of Battle.

   Here are some photos of the game: 

The Battlefield - The British will come on the table edge closest to the camera.  The Argentinians are defending the hill in the background.

The very confident Argentinian team awaits the start of the British attack:

The British commanders plan their assault:

The Argies in their defensive position:

This was an overall good game.  I do want to make further changes to the fire combat system to simplify the game.  We only got through four turns during this game and it kind of leaves players unfulfilled to actually finish a game.  I really want to speed up play.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Modern Figure Bonanza!

My friend from the Northern Conspiracy (NC), Mike, has given me some of his unused modern African/Arab 20mm miniatures.  I had an opportunity to look through them today and it seems that I have added about 45 new Arab African Rebels to my modern skirmish collection!  They will be perfect for the 'bad guys' to my French and Allied troops in NW Africa.  Even three or four PERFECT Jeep type vehicles to be used as Technicals.  Once I get my African government forces painted, it will be time to take out some dudes bent on making life difficult in Europe!

The next biggest treasure was the recoilless rifle and crew which are PERFECT for my Argentinian contingent on the Falkland Islands.  The stand is on the painting table now getting the finishing touches of new paint on their uniforms and being re-based.  This is a much needed addition to the defenders of Goose Green and Darwin.  Watch out British armored vehicles, there is a new sheriff in town!  Perfect compliment to the short range bazookas.

The guys at the NC are just so great.  It is wonderful to belong to such a super gaming community!  Thanks again, Mike!

Falklands Game Test Run

Friday night several friends from the Northern Conspiracy came up to WV to help play test my Falklands skirmish scenario.  The game did not go well, but my buds from the NC really gave me some great feedback and I think they helped me make some key edits to the rules and play sheets that will really help the game night game on Friday.

I didn't get any photos, but AJ posted a few on his blog (see below).

I will provide a game report next weekend.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Huzzah! 2013

I had a chance to attend the Huzzah! Wargame Convention in Portland, ME this weekend.  It was a pretty good sized convention with 20 miniatures games and various board games and card games each gaming session.  There were sessions on Friday evening, Saturday morning, afternoon and evening and Sunday morning.

I ran two A&A War at Sea games during the convention.  Both of these games went very well.  The first game was my "Changing Teams" scenario and the other was my "Convoy to Malta" scenario.

The "Changing Teams" scenario has a small French fleet trying to escape from the Mediterranean while being chased by Italian and German fleets and air units.  A force of British ships is coming out to help support the French.

The "Convoy to Malta" scenario is a standard convoy game with the Allies trying to push a four ship convoy through strong air attacks and an attack force of cruisers, destroyers and submarines.  The British send out a battleship and supporting ships to reinforce and protect the convoy.

I will post photos as soon as possible.