Monday, March 21, 2016

Napoleon's Rules of War

   Played a game of Napoleon's Rules of War a great set of rules developed by fellow NC Penguin, Charlie, and refined by our club over the past several years. With the basic unit of infantry battalion, artillery battery and cavalry squadron, this game is fast paced and very realistic.

   We played a great game of French vs. Austrian of several Austrian divisions attacking several French divisions during a club game day.  It was a huge game involving the equivalent of two corps + on each side.

   Here are a couple of shots of the battlefield at the end of the day on our table.  This represented about 1/4 of the entire game!

The French on the left have crushed an Austrian Division and the center and right have stabilized after being pummeled by well coordinated and executed infantry and cavalry attacks. 

The Austrians push hard on the French Right Flank.  The Hussar Regiment at the bottom center of this photo especially covered itself in glory destroying no less than two French battalions and threatening to completely break into the French line of communications.

The Carabiniers go into the attack, supported by a battery of Horse Artillery.

I had a really good time playing this game, even though I did not play especially well.  On our side, Robert R. did such a great job that he won the Legion d'Honneur as the best French player of the day.