Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I will be hosting a SPEARHEAD game at the club game night in January. It is a 15mm WWII game using the White Star Rising scenario book - Home By Christmas! This is a "Bridge Too Far" game and has a US Parachute Regiment holding a town with the British Guards Armored Division coming to the rescue. In between is a hodge-podge of German units trying to block the Brits and take the town from the Americans. We have played it once at the club and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The change I have made for this game is to have a larger playing table which should allow for more maneuver on the Allies' part and make the Germans' tasks a little harder. I will post an After Action Review (AAR) with photos after we play.

Games for 2010

I will be hosting three games during 2010 at the Northern Conspiracy Gaming Club. The first game will be a WWII SPEARHEAD 15mm game for the January Game Night. I will also be hosting a Napoleonic Volley & Bayonet game and a Modern CROSSFIRE game later in the year. I will provide details on my first game in a post later this week.