Saturday, January 14, 2017

Game Night Modern Bolt Action

Had a chance to host a modern BA game last night at the NC Club January Game Night.  The battle was the Kitty Hawk Down! scenario from the 2016 extra scenarios from the BA Forum.

The battle went really well and came down to the last turn when the French and African forces (under the command of AJ, Dave and Phil) finally overpowered the Rebels/Freedom Fighters (under the fanatical command of Warren and Paul).  While the Allied forces definitely killed more Rebels and destroyed more equipment, the victory came at a pretty steep cost with one European soldier killed and another one wounded, a Cobra helicopter shutdown, an African vehicle destroyed and several African troopers killed and others wounded.

Here are some photos that I took during the game with commentary:

Pre-Game Player Posing

The Cross Roads at the Center of the Table - Hey, is that motorcycle a combatant?

Yes, as a matter of fact - BOOM!  Of course, with the next French/Government Troop  Command Die the Motorcycle Died a not glorious death!
The remains of a Rebel HMG Team in a small copse of trees.

The last phase of the last turn.  The French are in a good position and the Rebels are making one last attempt.  Can they do it?

No - The French/African Government forces hold the objective at the end of the game!  The UN envoy is saved and given the differences in casualties it is a major victory for the Allies!  Unfortunately, there will be a military funeral in Paris as the French Sniper team was taken out by his Rebel counterpart. C'est la vie! C'est la guerre!