Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wargame Happenings Today

Today I received notice that my 1812 skirmish figures are painted and on their way back to me. I have over 120 28mm figures on their way, which is going to mean I will have the ability to put on some nice sized games. The figures include some US and British Regulars as well as lights and rifles for both sides. I also have some "specials" such as Royal Marines and West Indies Regiment to add some variety. I am really looking forward to getting the figures back and will get photos on the blog as soon as they arrive.

I also placed my order for the ships and planes that I have been waiting for from the new War at Sea set, Surface Action. I ordered several units including the Shore Battery, Strasbourg (French Battleship), Eagle (British Carrier), Andria Doria (Italian Battleship), Hawkins (British Cruiser), LST (Allied Landing Ships), Fw-190 (German Fighter), and Vosper MTB (British Torpedo Boat). There were some other smaller units that I will detail later. This should give me a very good mix of combat units that I need to complete both the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean scenarios that I want to do.

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