Sunday, February 5, 2012

Smalle Wars

Played in a great 17th Century Skirmish level game yesterday at Ed M's. The scenario was Poles vs. Cossacks. I had an opportunity to play the Poles and got to command the cavalry arm (Paneceri, Reiters and Winged Hussars) which is very appropriate for that army in that time period! Never had the opportunity to charge with the Hussars as the German mercenaries devastated the Cossack with massed musket fire and the players on that side conceded before I could get them in action.

The figures were beautiful and the company was great so I had a fantastic time. Ed is putting the game on this coming Friday at NC Game Night so hopefully there will be photos so I can show the figures we used.

Overall, a great day of wargaming!

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Ed M said...

Hi Mark,

I realized afterwards that you hadn't gotten into the action. With the input from the playtest, the game night version should have evryone involved more. Thanks for being such a good sport--a long drive to just push some stands. I hope to get some pictures then, too. Let's see if I can both remember to bring my camera--and then to use it.