Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Game Activities for 2012 and 2013 Hobby Goals

Figures Painted
25-28mm - 40; 1 Pirate Ship; 1 Ship's Boat
20mm - 3
15mm -
6mm -

Games Played
Volley & Bayonet - 4+
Crossfire - 1
Other Rules - Brother Against Brother (3); Smalle Wars (1); Axis & Allies War at Sea (3); Men Under Fire (2); Russian Civil War (1)

Terrain Pieces Completed - Hill for VnB Wing Scale 1812 Game (Thanks Gordon!)

Overall it was a very good year in the hobby arena!  I am happy that I got to game at least once a month on average.  Working on the Volley & Bayonet Wing Scale Rules set was really a good way to get through a difficult year.

I have some goals for the coming year.  First, I would like to put on a kick-butt Game Day in October for all of my friends at the gaming club.  Second, I would like to work on my 20mm Modern figures more and get them constructed/painted and organized.  Third, I would like to play in and/or host at least twenty games this year.

The Game Day is going to be a Volley & Bayonet Wing Scale BIG game.  I have just a few figures to add to the collection and the armies will be ready.  I will need some help with the terrain for the gaming tables - but the guys in the club have some great terrain so that is not a problem.  Now to work out the scenario and victory conditions.  We will see what happens!  Happy New Year!

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