Tuesday, March 14, 2017

German Bolt Action Army WIP - Part 3

Well,  we have had house guests for the past two weeks and it is a particularly busy time at work so there is not much to report on the painting front.  Here are a couple of pics of work on my Germans for Bolt Action.

I know if doesn't look like there is much change, but I have been able to get all of the uniforms blocked in.  After I took these photos, I got the weapons complete, canteens base coated and the start of the camp patterns on selected figures.  I am doing my own interpretation of "Pea Dot Camo" in beige, dark brown and dark green.  I will take some photos when I have them completed.  Weather is not looking very good for this evening, so I should be able to get some painting done!


Ed M said...

Hope your power doesn't go out so you can keep at it--and keep the place warm, too :)

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Looking good Mark. Even though I own up to 20/0 brushes, I've seen some credible pea dot done with toothpicks applying the dots. The toothpick gives a good consistent round dot. Worth a try.

Mark Decoteau said...

Toothpicks are exactly what I am using! Got the idea off the interweb thingy. Always used a very small brush in the past and it worked ok. I'll hopefully have something to post this weekend!