Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Vacation Time Work on the German Bolt Action Army

I have been on a week long vacation and I have had an opportunity to work on my German forces for Bolt Action.  I am still working on platoons and supports for a Herman Goering Division unit.  This particular unit requires that each of the infantry units be mechanized or motorized.  Consequently, I have built a couple of Sdkfz 251's to transport my Panzer-grenadiers.  Also, the HG army in Bolt Action can have multiple Anti-aircraft units.  So, I have added a Flak 38 20mm AA gun.

During vacation, I built all three models and got them base coated with Dark Yellow spray paint.  Here are the results of the work so far:

I have base coated the models in Warlord Dark Yellow spray paint.  I really like the color which is not as dark as it appears in this photo.  I think it will be easy to add some details and have the models ready for the table pretty quickly.

I'll post additional photos when i have them done.


Ed M said...

Sounds like excellent use of time off!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They look good so far. I've seen some excellent convincing models in just dunkelgelb, a brown wash and weathering/chipping. Sometimes I feel silly adding 3-color cammo when I see what people can do with single color vehicles. I think plain dunkelgelb was more common than we model.

Ed M said...

Interesting point, AJ, about solid color schemes. I saw how versatile "panzer gray" actually was in practice on Bundeswehr tanks and vehicles during my time in US Army Europe in the 80's. In the warmer months, they would take a slurry of mud and apply it over the gray to create an instant pattern organic to the environment. In winter, some whitewash would accomplish the same thing. You can't do that so well over a camo paint scheme.

Mark Decoteau said...

In my experience the other thing about camp patterns is that they could tend to "wash out" when the vehicle is in the field. On many occasions dust and grime covered up the paint and within a few hours of departing the back gate, you would have vehicles that all one hue when viewed from a distance. This was especially true if it was dry and there was a lot of dust. Also, when we first transitioned to M-1's in Germany they were all in a single green color - no camo at all. Mine stayed that way for the two years that I was on them. I think they were painted tan/sand when they went to the desert. No camo - just one color. I think I will try finishing these as just sand and see how they look. Thanks for the input!