Friday, November 8, 2019

Volley & Bayonet Test Game

I recently had a chance to play a game of Volley & Bayonet hosted by my friend Ed.  This was a concept test for his modifications to Volley & Bayonet in Wing/Battalion Scale.  Ed has been working on this particular edit of the base rules for a couple of years now to use his incredible Austrian and Hungarian armies for mid-19th Century European conflicts.  I think that his edits are right on the mark as the game seemed to flow well tactically and was a lot of fun to play.

During this game I faced off against fell Conspirator and blogger, AJ.  AJ has written an excellent review of the game on his blog at this link (look for the entry "Battle of the Bloggers") so I will not go into the details of the game.  I agree with everything that AJ has outlined in his post.

I did take a few of my own pics of the game in progress so here they are:

My advance guard moves the Army frontline forward.  The beautiful Uhlan Squadron would conduct a very hasty charge and be destroyed in the process.

Appropriately massed Austrian infantry, my foot artillery and a half-battalion of Jagers prepare to enter the battlefield.

My Army commander and my foot artillery battery.

A big Jaeger fight erupts in the woods on the Austrian left flank.  The Hungarians definitely got the better of this part of the fight and by the end of the battle one of my Jaeger battalions was destroyed and the other was routed back.

My army commander oversees the musketry of two infantry battalions.  You can just see the Austrian grenadier battalion on the right of the picture.  The White Hats of the Hungarian Army - one of the best units on the board - prepare to conduct an assault.

AJ plots his next move.  Apologies to Ed for cutting off his head!

My pictures of the game cannot do justice to the beautiful figures that Ed has collected for this set of rules and period.  I encourage everyone to visit Ed's Blog here and scroll down to see closeups of the armies and the many different conversions he has put together.  Really an interesting read.

Many thanks to Ed for hosting such a great game and the work he has put into coming up with great rules for the period.  Also, a big shoutout to AJ for being a great adversary across the game table.  I look forward to playing the game again soon.

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AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Fun game. I think with the elimination of my artillery and the crushing defeat of my cavalry you would have turned this into a Hungarian rout with enough time.