Sunday, November 16, 2008

The 16th US Infantry

The 16th US Infantry was organized on January 11, 1812 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It served at the captures of Fort York and Fort George and at the Battle of Crysler's Farm. The regiment is clothed in the 1812 regulation uniform in all green. This uniform includes the felt cylinderical shako with plume centered on the front. The US Army had a serious supply problem throughout the War of 1812. These problems led to uniforms being turned out not only in the regulation blue, but also in black, green, drab and gray. The gray uniforms were made famous by Brigadier General Winfield Scott and the troops he led during the 1814 Niagara Campaign. Note that the officer is in a completely regulation uniform. This often happened as officers provided their own clothing and could often afford to have the correct uniform to be made. In some sources, the uniform of the 16th is stated as "black" but with poor quality dyes and with fading, this would have quickly changed to some other color such as the green shown. I had these figures painted by Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka. I was very happy with the 25mm War of 1812 figures I had painted by Fernando. They also did some 15mm Napoleonic figures which turned out very nicely. It is a bit pricey for the shipping, so I would only recommend using such a service if you have a large number of figures to be painted. These figures are from the Old Glory 1812 Range.

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