Sunday, November 16, 2008

The 1st US Infantry

The 1st US Infantry is the oldest unit in the United States Army. During the War of 1812 the 1st Infantry was spread out among several outpost on the Western border of the fledgling nation. Because they were very dispersed, they were among the last units to get the new 1813 regulation uniform. Additionally, the uniforms that they did have after several years in the field were probably not as standardized as I show them in these figures. However, I have to present the oldest unit in the Army in a presentable way! The unit is shown in the 1812 regulation uniform of blue coats with red facings. The officer wears the regulation bicorne and the drummer is in the regulation red coat with blue facings. The color bearer carries the distinctive National Colors of the 1st Infantry which includes a star-burst area around the national symbol as well as a "1st US Inf" on the upper corner of the flag away from the staff. These figures were also painted by Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka. They did an outstanding job on my 25mm War of 1812 figures and 15mm Napoleonic figures that I sent them. I highly recommend them to any wargamer looking to get a large number of figures painted in a relatively short amount of time. These figures are also from the Old Glory 1812 Range.

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