Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Gaming of the Year

The last week of 2011 has been a gaming bonanza! I played two games of War at Sea with my friend Andrew, his son Thomas and my son Andrew! It was great fun as we played two complete games of my 1942 Mediterranean Convoy Scenario. We learned quite a bit about the significance of air power in the WaS game system. The Allied convoy to Malta did not get through in either game we played, as swarms of Stukas and Ju-88's bombed the transports out of existence! I will change the air mix in the orders of battle and we will give the game another go as soon as possible.

I also had a chance to play in an interesting Crete scenario at our monthly club game night. The rules are a derivative of "Behind Enemy Lines" and the game plays pretty well. To be successful as the German player in the game you have to understand how the rules work and you need the luck of the dice. I didn't have either of those attributes as I tried to play the game and I was appropriately unsuccessful! It was overall a fun time.

Have a Happy New Year! Hope you have great gaming experiences in 2012!

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