Saturday, December 3, 2011

British Foreign Units

Here are some photos of the Swiss and Brunswick units that I have painted for my 28mm Volley and Bayonet Wing Scale project.

The first unit is the Brunswickers of the "Black Horde" in English Service. The figures, even though they are almost totally black in color, still have many interesting details such as the white gloves of the officers and NCO's and the red officer sashes. I based painted the figures black and then highlighted them with dry brushing a couple of lighter shades of dark gray and then gray. The other detail I like is the well known "Death's Head" shako plate. Let me know what you think.

The other unit is De Mueron's Regiment of Swiss troops in British Service. This unit served in North America during the War of 1812, but I am going to use them in our Peninsula Campaign games. The unit consists of three center company stands, a light company stand in front and a grenadier company stand behind the unit. To the far right is a single command figure which will represent a "unit commander" in the rules. I painted the two flank companies and the unit commander recently. I tried a technique to include eyes for the figures, and I think I will redo the faces at some point to get rid of the "pop-eyed" effect.

Here is a close-up of the unit command figure.

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