Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Waterville Valley Wargame Weekend (WVWW)

Last weekend we had a great weekend of wargames and fellowship. Several members of our wargames club visited for three days and we had several great games. There were seven of us who attended for the weekend. The gaming started on Friday night with an excellent WWII skirmish game using the Frank Chadwick rules Men Under Fire. On Saturday we had a very large Volley & Bayonet Wing Scale game set in the Napoleonic Spanish Peninsula. Finally, on Sunday we had a Russian Civil War skirmish game using a the In the Mud and the Blood which is a version of I Ain't Been Shot Mum. Overall we had about 24 hours of gaming over the weekend! All of it was set on great terrain and the figures were just great. Below are several photos from the V&B Wing Scale big game on Saturday. I am waiting to get photos of the other games from fellow participants.
Here is a photo of my new Polish troops going in for their first attack!
This is a British Brigade defending outside of a small Spanish village. All of the buildings are from my new Italian building collection from the Miniature Building Authority. Although they are 15mm scale, they fit in very nicely with the 25-18mm V&B figures we use for this game system.
Here is the ultimate prize in the game. The British had the mission of defending this group of buildings. The French had to attack through several lines of defenses and then take this town.
Here is a British Brigade moving to a new position including two squadrons of Hussars. This shows the great set up of a V&B Wing Scale game with not too many figures, but just enough to give a good look to an army.
A mixed French Allied Brigade on the attack. The forces include Swiss, Germans and Nassau troops.

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