Sunday, May 5, 2013

Huzzah! 2013

I had a chance to attend the Huzzah! Wargame Convention in Portland, ME this weekend.  It was a pretty good sized convention with 20 miniatures games and various board games and card games each gaming session.  There were sessions on Friday evening, Saturday morning, afternoon and evening and Sunday morning.

I ran two A&A War at Sea games during the convention.  Both of these games went very well.  The first game was my "Changing Teams" scenario and the other was my "Convoy to Malta" scenario.

The "Changing Teams" scenario has a small French fleet trying to escape from the Mediterranean while being chased by Italian and German fleets and air units.  A force of British ships is coming out to help support the French.

The "Convoy to Malta" scenario is a standard convoy game with the Allies trying to push a four ship convoy through strong air attacks and an attack force of cruisers, destroyers and submarines.  The British send out a battleship and supporting ships to reinforce and protect the convoy.

I will post photos as soon as possible.

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Ollie said...

I was fun, even those Italians sunk my battleship. We should do it again sometime.