Sunday, April 21, 2013

Falklands Game Work

Today I was able to finish painting 6 more figures for my Falklands Game.  The figures are for the SAS platoon in my game.  The figures include a heavy machine gun to give the Brits some badly needed fire support.  I have the last eight figures of the platoon primed so I can start painting them this week.  I also flocked all figures and wounded markers, two bunkers, and the six figures I finished painting.  At the same time I flocked the 28mm Westphalian Battalion that I have had off to the side of the table for the past several months.  I got the first coat of paint on the hills that I am going to use for the game to end up the day. 

All in all a really good day of production at the table!  The Falklands game is coming along really well right now.  I have all of the infantry painted that I really need.  If I can get one more squad of SAS painted, that will be great but I don't know if I will be using them for the game night scenario.

The hills look very good and I think they will add quite a bit to the game set up.  I am working on the "broken ground" terrain pieces next.  I am using a new floral material from my local Michael's craft store.  That will only leave me with the indirect fire/smoke markers left to make and the game will be ready.  Once everything is ready I will take and post pictures.

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