Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Projects - President Mumbato and Moan Army Vehicles

Here are some photos of President Seliki Mumbato of the Democratic Republic of Moa (DRM).  He is the figure on the left of the photo.  The figure on the right is his brother, Jerome Mumbato.  Jerome is the Prime Minister of DRM and commander in chief of the DRM Air Force.

President Mumbato is in his ceremonial Army General Officer uniform with an Olive Green blouse and Tan trousers with wide Red stripe.  He wears all of the awards he was granted during his time as a regular army officer prior to assuming his duties as President of the country.

Prime Minister Mumbato is in the Royal Blue uniform of a General Officer in the Moan Air Force.  In his usual understated manner, he wears the uniform devoid of any decorations.

President Seliki Mumbato (l) and his brother Prime Minister Jerome Mumbato (r) commander of all Moan Air Forces.
Below are a couple of pictures of Moan Army vehicles as well as the presidential limousine.

The pride and joy of the 62nd Mechanized Battalion, a T-55 Main Battle Tank with a very large Moan National Flag.  There are 11 of these vehicles in the tank company attached to the 62nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion.  They are not used in company or even platoon strength in most circumstances.  The T-55 has a 110mm main gun and is advanced enough to make a significant impact on most tactical situations.  I have purposely left the vehicle without any markings so it can be captured and used by any force in the conflict.  It is still very 'clean' and could definitely use some weathering to make it more African in nature.

A Fox Armored Car leads the Presidential Cadillac Escalade limousine.  Again the vehicles sport the Moan national flag so everyone is aware of which side of the battle they are on!  The Fox armored car is devoid of markings so it can be used by any force with the addition of an appropriate flag.

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