Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Way to Determine Line of Sight on the Game Table

Here are some photos taken with a new gadget I bought on Amazon.  First the photos:

British Paratroops move into a small village.  Maybe from the viewpoint of a German MG crew?

A British Para Platoon commander looks to his right and sees SGT Robinson's section taking up a position on a hedgerow. Support is being provided by a Para MMG team in the small woods just tot he rear of the section.

The German view of SGT Robinson's section. Note the MMG in the woods behind the section.
The device is called a Universal Magnetic Periscope Lens.  It is a small device which attaches to an iPad or iPhone and allows you to take pictures from all kinds of angles on the game table.  You can use this to check line of sight or simply to take a photo from, "the commander's viewpoint."  As the photos show, however, one must have a nice photo backdrop to take really decent pictures.  I will be working on that next.

I look forward to many really neat photos for the old blog here.  I hope you enjoy!

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