Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Hobby Year Recap

Happy New Year!  Overall 2015 was an OK year on the wargames front.  Here are the numbers:

Figures painted - 175
Vehicles painted - 14
Figures rebased - 347
Games played - 7

The figures painted included many new 20mm Moderns for my African campaign and I want to get some of those games during this year. I also completed a French 1940's WW II army for Bolt Action.

Obviously I was also busy rebasing with the majority of that number being a superior collection of Napoleonics for my Volley & Bayonet gaming from my friend Ed. This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me in the hobby arena and I am forever in his debt. Unfortunately life and work intervened right after he gave me the figures and I never got to have him over for a game. That is high on the priority list for my hobby time in 2016.

I also had a difficult time getting any gaming time in as you can see by the miserably small number of games that I managed to play in during the year.  I have gaming at Adler's Hobby Shop also high on the gaming "to do" in the coming year.

Hope everyone had a marvelous holiday season!  I look forward to watching all the great gaming blogs out there and posting a record of my adventures here. May the dice fall your way all year!

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