Sunday, February 19, 2017

Iron Cross Game

I had a chance to play in a game of Iron Cross WWII hosted by my friend AJ. It was a very large game intended to introduce members of our club to the rules. I had a great time serving as the German CIC trying to defend a radar station from attacking British troops. Here is a photo of the of the amazing radar station that AJ made from scratch:

I didn't take many pictures of the game but AJ has a great write-up on his blog HERE.   I did take a couple of other pictures of the forces that I commanded during the game.  AJ has some really great armies for his 28mm skirmish games.  Right now we are playing Bolt Action and Iron Cross rules sets for our skirmish gaming.

An Infantry Squad and supporting 12cm Mortar Team.

My command team and Sdkfz 250/1 transport.  I moved into this position on turn 2 of the game and remained there trying not to get wiped out for the rest of the game!
The Allies really handed us our butts in this game.  I am looking forward to the next try at the rules so I can get some of my wargame honor back!

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AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Thanks for coming Mark!