Saturday, February 25, 2017

The German Army WIP - Pt 2

The work on my German Bolt Action/Iron Cross figures is continuing on.  I have pretty much keep to my one hour per day minimum.  I have cleaned up all of the figures and gotten the first infantry squad, MMG, Panzerschreck Team, 2LT team and Senior Officer team ready for painting and primed.  I also have been able to get all flesh base and steel helmets painted.  I even got more uniform painting completed on the Senior Command team.

I also assembled my Sdkfz 234/1 armored car.  But as I was putting the kit together I noticed that the two turret covers were missing from the package!  This would make the kit look really incomplete.  A simple email to Warlord Games, however, and I have the covers enroute at no cost!  I even asked about buying some French tank crew heads and they included a few heads in with the cover at no cost as an apology for my inconvenience with the turret covers!  True customer service.

These are a couple of pics of the painting.  The photos are really dark, but they give you the idea of what I have been able to accomplish:

The primed figures and work so far. You can see the forlorn 234/1 in the background awaiting the turret covers so it can get primer and a proper paint job!

Here is the Senior Command team.  The officer is in a blue Luftwaffe uniform with a German field grey overcoat.  The other two figures sport blue Luftwaffe uniforms.

The MMG team with the 2LT Command team in the background.

I think I am going to really like this army.  I can mix Luftwaffe blue uniforms with Afrika Korps tan/sand uniforms and even get in some camouflage components with both types of uniforms!  I like the mix and match way that the Germans did uniforms.  Adds variety when you are painting and it looks really interesting on the game table.  Sicily/Italy seems to the place where all of the different permutations of uniforms came together.  Not just for the Germans either.  The British had not only their European temperate uniforms in Brown, they also had the temperate uniforms in shorts and they had most of their desert uniforms.  Just a really interesting mix.  Makes painting fun!

Thanks for looking!


Ed M said...

Really nice figures and nice progress! Looking forward to seeing the German commander in particular when it's done.

Phil said...

Nicely done!