Saturday, January 6, 2018

Last Game of 2017

For the final game of 2017 I hosted a replay of my Lundy's Lane, War of 1812, game for the guys in our wargame club.  I have hosted this game several times in the past and I don't think the game has ever failed to be interesting and challenging in many ways.

Here are a few photos of the action.  Sorry that I didn't capture all of the action, but these give a flavor of the game as it played out.

General Scott's Brigade moves to their left in an attempt to turn the British/Canadian right flank.  Unfortunately, they run smack dab into the Glengarry Light Infantry.  This gallant unit fends off attack after attack and once reinforced by some particularly ornery 1st Unincorporated Militia "Bridgade".  The combination of elite light infantry and not so elite Canadian farmers would give Scott's boys (commanded ably, but not in typical extreme "mojoness" by Bob O.) all they could handle.  Scott's failure to breakthrough quickly stopped the American plan of attack in its tracks.

The British center on the hill.  The very large wooden cross is standing in for the normal headstones that I have for my cemetery.  Many thanks to Hobby Lobby for carrying a large assortment of wooden things and superglue - and for opening a store in Tilton, NH which is on the way to game night!

An incident during the battle. Lt Smythe, leading the Light Coy of the 8th Foot in an all out attack on Ripley's Brigade of American Regulars.  Smythe took command of the company when CPT Campbell was wounded.  The lieutenant mistook LTC Morrison's inquiry on the identity of the Americans for an order to charge.  Smythe gallantly led his company forward (with many of his non commissioned officers questioning just want in hell he was doing) in a show of dash and daring rarely seen in the Canadian theatre of operations.  In the end the attack was repulsed, but the Americans did suffer three casualties from soldiers laughing so hard they pulled a muscle!

The British solidify their position at Johnson's Tavern.  This is another view of Smythe's Charge.  As you can see, if Smythe had waited just a few more minutes, he would have been supported by at least two regiments of foot!  At the bottom left of the photo you can see the division commander, General Riall look on in disbelief at the brave action of Smythe and his brave (but baffled) company.

Once Smythe had been disposed of, the Americans began to assault the British hilltop position.  They did make some headway, but the hill remained in British hands for a fairly decisive British win.  At the left in this photo you can make out the American Commander, General Jacob Brown urging Brigadier Ripley to move forward and attack the British position.

Scott's Brigade finally reaches the center and right flank of the British position.  He puts in a spirited assault, but his brigade is largely spent and he cannot gain the heights before he is forced back.  Note that he did manage to assault the guns by the cemetery.  He even took the position in a rare feat of charging guns to the front.

All in all, this was a very fun game.  The Smythe incident has to go down as one of the funniest moments during a game all year - maybe even for the past several years.

My thanks to all who played in the game.  We had a great time, even though there was flooded hallway to negotiate and a limited time to set up given the fire alarm situation!  Special thanks to Michael B. who set up beautiful Medieval game, then agreed to play in my game when the turnout was low.  He did a smashing job as one of the British commanders and ended up a winner!  Typical club gaming!

What a great way to end the year - amongst friends and yucking it up around the gaming table on a Friday night!  I hope that 2018 holds just as many good times.

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