Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1812 Figures

I have taken some photos of my 25mm War of 1812 figures and will be posting them on the blog. The first set of figures are British and Canadians. Most of the figures are Foundry with some Old Glory and Front Rank included. I painted probably 90% of the figures. I am not a prolific painter and it sometimes takes quite a while to complete a new unit. I have most of the figures in both the British/Canadian and American armies ready for an 1814 Niagara Campaign ready to go. Most of the units are historical for the area of operations and time frame. The only units I have taken extreme artistic license with are some of the militia units and planning to include the 93rd Foot (Highlanders) and a couple of West Indies regiments. All of the figures are mounted to be used with the Volley & Bayonet rules set in the Wing Scale. the Wing Scale divides each battalion into two or three stands. Some units at extremely low strength may be represented by one stand. Our club uses a "hinch" scale for the bases which is 2/3" equals 1" in the rules set. This lets us use smaller bases and smaller table tops for our games. It would be kind of a problem if it wasn't used by all of the club because you have to make and use special rulers, however, it works for us. I hope you enjoy the figures.

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