Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Game Night Last Friday

I had an opportunity to play in an Indian Mutiny Game last Friday hosted by Byron Champlin and used the Brother Against Brother rules set. I had a great time playing on the British side. The game was a fictional scenario with a medium sized British force against a fairly large gaggle of mutineers. I commanded a mixed force of British cavalry (7th Hussars) and Sikhs (no unit). There were also two units of British regulars and a Naval Brigade unit of infantry and elephant drawn heavy guns. The mutineers had sepoy units, irregulars, cavalry and a two gun light battery. There was a town in the center of the board with one mutineer force occupying it at the start of the game. Our British force entered on one side of the board and the balance of the mutineers entered on the opposite side of the board. We were fortunate to rout two of the mutineer units out of their building positions within the first two turns. This allowed us to get our forces into the buildings and force the mutineers to assault us. Once in the buildings we basically shot the stuffing out of the mutineers and left them begging for the end of the game! I have to admit, I lost all but one trooper and the officer commanding the 7th Hussars. Just couldn't get the hang of maneuvering the horsemen around the board. Oh well, it gave the mutineers an opportunity to cheer for a couple of turns. My Sikhs gave as well as my cavalry got though so I was very satisfied with the game. Had a great time laughing with the other members of the club during the game! I will try to get a couple of the photos taken during the evening. Byron set up a beautiful game with great figures and wonderful terrain. Overall a very fun evening.

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