Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The 19th Light Dragoons and Canadian Light Dragoons

The 19th Light Dragoons were the only regular British cavalry regiment to serve in Canada during the War of 1812. The uniform is completely regulation with shako and all lace. I think the expressions on these figures is excellent as they yell and urge their mounts into the charge! Didn't happen much in Canada, but that is something we can overlook. The Canadian Light Dragoons that I have painted are not totally accurate. The historical unit wore a felt round hat with black bearskin crest. I didn't have the ability to correct the hat on these Foundry figures so I used the early Napoleonic light dragoons with Tarleton helmet as presented. I really like the officer figure with his oil cloth covered bicorne. These are the only two cavalry units in my British force at this time. What I really want is some dismounted figures for these units to use as skirmishers. Redoubt makes excellent dismounted hussars, I am hopeful that they will someday do at least two or three dismounted light dragoons.

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