Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The 90th Regiment of Foot

The 90th Regiment of Foot, also called the Perthshire Volunteers, was a British unit in the Napoleonic Wars. The Battalion was a trained as a "Light" unit and so for our Wing Scale games they are mounted on elite company stands, not the regular center company stands. Here is how they are going to be mounted in various ways during our Wing Scale games. Other "Light" units such as selected French Legere, Austrian Jagers, etc. will be mounted in a similar manner. Notice that the unit can be mounted so they are "formed" similar to center company stands, "formed" by company stands and in "Skirmish" or Open order.

The 90th Light in Battalion Line Formation

A close-up of the 90th Light Company Stands

The 90th Light with two Skirmish stands screening in Front

The Stands

The top stand allows two individual company stands to become a "wing" or center company stand. The bottom stand is used as a sabot to convert a formed elite company into a "Skirmisher" or "Open" order stand.

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