Monday, November 21, 2011

Game Stuff Done

Got the new War at Sea ships based and name tags put on today. Also, during the last game I played with my friend Dave, he recommended that I work out a system to mark my aircraft units more effectively. Dave had pointed out that it was difficult to identify units accurately during a game. So, I made up bases for each aircraft and marked them with the name of the aircraft and put them in the same national colors as my ship models. I am surprised how easy it makes the aircraft to identify. Now I should have that issue taken care of - thanks Dave! I will get photos up of these new bases as soon as I get a chance.

I also started finishing bases for my War of 1812 Brother Against Brother units. I got eight of my eleven units painted and ready for flocking. I have been reading the rules and I will be getting a test game together which I hope to play-test sometime in December.

I also got out a couple of War of 1812 terrain pieces together and prepped for painting.

Overall, a pretty good hobby day!

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