Saturday, June 15, 2013

Modern "Russian" Armed Rebels

Here are some pics of figures that I painted several years ago and have used for the Modern Crossfire rules set.  They are really the old Combat Miniatures "Operation Panshir" Afghans with some "Operation Urgent Fury" Cubans mixed in, but they do very well for Bosnian Serbs or other "Russian" armed rebel forces.  I am going to change their basing and combine them with Liberation Miniatures Multipurpose Figures Range to be my European "Bad Guys".

 This commander stand is one of my favorite painting efforts

 I also really like the RPG gunner.  The assistant gunner in this photo is armed with an old PPSh 41 SMG.

 These guys are armed with the SKS Assault Rifle and an AK-47.

The Cubans are painted in a different uniform scheme based on a Hungarian pattern.

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