Thursday, May 15, 2014

Headed to HUZZAH! 2014

Heading to Maine tomorrow to attend the HUZZAH! Wargame Convention.  Looking forward to playing in some games and hosting a game on Saturday AM.  This is a big trial for my heavily revised Modern skirmish rules - Special Operations Forces.

Probably will give into the allure of new lead figures - or more likely some 20mm European buildings.  I also will be looking for some Bolt Action rule books and Army supplements!  I was checking out the 20mm figure and vehicle inventory and I have over 110 figures and around 20 vehicles already painted and ready to be based on individual stands!  I think I would be able to set up quite a few interesting scenarios with what I have ready to go so I want to secure the rules and get to re-basing.  I will have to keep the blog updated with those efforts.

I will be taking some photos and posting them here on the blog when I return.

Have a great weekend.  Andrew completes his finals tonight and will be home tomorrow.  I will see him on Saturday evening so that will be another great part of the weekend!

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