Saturday, May 17, 2014

Huzzah! 2014

Well, just got home from. Huzzah!  Had a really good time playing in games on Friday night and hosting a game this AM.  Only had one player for my game, but we played a short game to use the latest changes in the rules.  They worked very well!  Can't wait to try them out on a real scenario soon!

On Friday night I played in a WW I Dogfight game called Aerodrome hosted by my friend Andre.  We had a blast flying three missions and bringing down the English dogs with our clearly superior Fokker Tri-planes.  Well, ok, maybe it was some lucky shots - but it was a victory non-the-less!  Here is a photo of my aircraft from the game.

I also managed to spend a little hard earned cash at the vendors getting Bolt Action rules and the German and British Army Books as well as a couple of 20mm buildings.  Just a little re-basing and I will be ready to to play a game or two of these very nice WW II Skirmish rules.  Can't wait!

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