Saturday, May 24, 2014

May Game Night

   I played in a great Napoleonic wargame last night at our game club monthly game night.  The rules were written by my friend Charlie and they are called "Napoleon's Rules of War".  The scenario was Barrosa, 1811 and pitted French troops against a combined Anglo-Spanish force.  The game was really pretty close.  Unlike the historical battle which saw the Spanish fire one volley and run away leaving the British to defeat the French, our game saw the Spanish do almost all the fighting.  The French pushed the Spanish hard and they were just preparing to develop a major attack on the British position when we had to call the end of the game.

Overall, the rules play very well for a tactical Napoleonic game.  In our particular scenario there were about three divisions (six brigades) on each side and we got about seven turns in a three hour game.  I think the rules are very realistic in the game results.  They definitely favor a player who tries to use combined arms and deploys lines, columns and elite companies in the proper manner.

Here are some photos of the game and troops.

One of the French Divisions

The British Division including the 1st Scots Guards and Coldstream Guards

Two divisions of Spanish troops - The heroes of the battle!

The Spanish Cavalry detachment - never did get to charge!

French and Spanish troops duke it out in the major woods at the middle of the game board.

The French try to turn the British division off their strong position on a hill.

More of the combat between French and Spanish in the woods.
Charlie's troops are very well painted and the organization markers are very clear to the players.  I really had a great time playing this game and I look forward to the next game.

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